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My big passion is to spread the word of herbs! they are so super amazing that i want everyone to know about them and how they can help us!

Plants are the oldest medicine in the world, and it's still the most popular form of medicine around the world. In the good old days people would use plants as food and medicine day in day out, but unfortunately, we've grown apart from those ways... I'd like to us to rediscover the wisdom of the plants together!


I hold regular workshops at the Tobie Norris pub in Stamford.

Each workshop covers a different topic, where we'll explore what's happening in our bodies, and what plants can help us and how!

There's plenty of tasting opportunities of teas, tinctures, powders and if its the right season - the plant itself!!

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Treat your staff to a well-being workshop with a difference!

We all know that happy people are more motivated. Promoting the well-being of your workforce is important for your employee's physical health, social and emotional well-being.

On a Fenton's Herbology well-being workshop we'll explore the plants that can support you through stressful times, as well as herbs that can encourage a positive mood. Workshops can be designed specifically to meet your staff's needs - whether you're a school and want to learn how to boost your resistance to the back to school bugs, or simply want an away day activity with a difference, get in touch to discuss how we can boost your organisation with a bit of plant power!!

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a day for you retreat 

In partnership with Julie Bickerton of Baby Nomad, A Day for You Retreat is a seasonal retreat day situated within the beautiful surroundings of the Arc Cabin and Hub, nestled on the outskirts of the delightful village of Elton. 

You'll be supported to find your way back to your true self through yoga and breath-work as well as being introduced to plant allies that can help you on your journey. 
This is a slow day, filled with stillness and calm. You'll have time to just be, re-charge, and spark your curiosity by reconnecting with nature and your self through the power of plant medicine.  

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