What is

Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is for everyone - from starting out as a babe to your 
retirement years! I'll work with you to address your health and well-being needs in a holistic way, using herbs safely alongside any 
prescription medicines that you may be taking. 

As a Medical Herbalist, I'm able to treat many 

aspects of your health and well-being, including digestive complaints, circulatory and heart health, allergies, skin complaints, joint 

and bone health, hormonal health, emotional 

issues and stress or when you simply feel 

fatigued, low in energy or just not "right".

I take a holistic approach to your health, taking into account all aspects of your health, lifestyle and even your personality to see where there may be imbalances. 

A personalised prescription is then developed for you. This may in the form of a tincture, tea,  powders or capsules; or a topical product and will be accompanied by lifestyle and nutritional advice.





Natural Medicine

What is a tincture?

When the super stuff from a plant is extracted using alcohol, it is called a tincture. Tinctures should be diluted in a little bit of water to make them more palatable and pleasant to take. 

The good thing with tinctures is that they last a long time and involve minimum preparation. 

What is an infusion?

When the super stuff from a plant is extracted using water, it is called an infusion. A bit like a herbal tea, however to get all the good stuff out, you infuse the plant material for longer. 


Infusions are pleasant to taste, but their shelf life once infused is usually about a day.  

What is a powder?

Powders are simply dried herbs ground in to a fine powder. Powders can be taken simply by adding to water, milk, smoothies or juices - or can be made into capsules.


Powders are great as you are getting the goodness of the whole plant!