SLOW Wellness Programme

The aim of this 12 week programme is to restore balance and invigorate your mind, body and self, increasing your energy, vitality and zest for life!
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The philosophy of SLOW wellness is based upon a sustainable, long-term lifestyle approach to your health as opposed to quick fixes and results that are temporary or simply aimed at relieving symptoms. 

If there is a health or emotional issue that you'd like to address, you feel stuck, lack energy, feel low, anxious or generally you just don't feel your best, this brand new wellness programme from Fenton's Herbology will support your personal needs to help you achieve optimum wellness!


If you are seeking a higher quality, more beautiful, more joyful way of living, then lets get started!

what's involved?

At the centre of this approach are our beautiful plant friends! I'll support you on a journey that may involve taking plant preparations, growing and harvesting your own herbs, making your own herbal preparations whilst incorporating nutritional advice, meditations, mantras and rituals which will re-introduce you to your biggest ally - your self!

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Each SLOW wellness journey is individual and personalised, however each will follow a route which includes:

  • An initial two hour consultation

  • A further two one hour consultations

  • Two 30 minute follow up consultations

  • Three batches of herbal preparations throughout the 12 weeks

  • A personalised SLOW wellness plan which will be updated throughout the 12 weeks

  • A one hour consultation to ensure that you're able to sustain your new SLOW wellness plan!

Golden Key

Your investment in this plan is your commitment to improving your wellness and a cost of £33 per week for 12 weeks.