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When you have a health condition, or you just don't feel right, a 1:1 consultation may be beneficial for you...
Sure you can buy your herbal medicine from lots of retail stores on your high street, or online. However, if you have a health condition, are already taking medicine from your GP, or you're not quite sure what you need then it's best to consult with a trained medical herbalist. 
Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will last approx 1  hour, and I will build up a picture of 

you and your health by discussing your  health history, asking about your 

family’s medical history, discussing your diet and lifestyle, generally getting to know a bit more about you and  finding out about any  medication  or  supplements you use. Because first appointments last an hour, we have plenty of time to discuss what you would like to share. 

This allows me to assess the underlying causes of your illness and formulate a mixture of herbs tailored to your individual needs. I will take your blood 

pressure and undertake any appropriate diagnostic examinations.

We'll discuss together the outcomes that you would like, and how we can aim 

to achieve these through realistic steps and actions.


Consultations take place at my home, but alternative locations can be arranged if you are more comfortable with this. 

Your Medicine
Your medicine will be in the form of a tincture, tea or powder. It will be made using a blend of herbs specific to your needs. All medicines are individual to each patient that I see.  Topical medicines such as creams or balms for skin/muscle or joint problems may also be prescribed. Any topical medicines are all hand made using natural ingredients only. All medicines will be discussed with you prior to dispensing. 
Follow Up Appointments

Following your first appointment, I would then like to see you again in two/three weeks to check your progress with your medicine and make any necessary adjustments to your medicine, and to see how you are progressing with the nutritional and lifestyle advice that may have been given. ​ 


Its then useful to have a at least a monthly follow up for the duration that 

you take your medicine to enable us to discuss your progress and make 

any appropriate changes. 


Of course everyone is different, some people's herbal journeys are longer 

or shorter than another - its again, all down to an individual.

Because herbal medicines work in a gentle and subtle way, they can take 

longer to work than conventional medicines, but their effects are long lasting there should be no side effects.

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  • Initial Consultation (approx 1hr)- £50.00

  • Follow up Consultations (approx 1/2 hr) - £25.00

  • Medicine - from £7 per medicine per week 

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