Fenton's Herbology's aim is to inspire you to use the plants in your neighbourhood as food and medicine. Growing and learning collectively and recognising the therapeutic value of plants, gardening, nature and being part of a community.
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Herbal medicine is for everyone - from 

starting out as a babe to your retirement years! 

Through 1:1 consultations, I'll work with you to address your health and 

well-being needs in a holistic way, 

using herbs safely alongside any 

prescription medicines that you may be 


Fun, informative and engaging Herbology workshops within the Stamford and Peterborough area give participants the opportunity to learn more about their health and wellbeing, taste teas, tinctures and powders and sniff essential oils and become empowered about using plants as part of their own healthcare routines...

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Fenton's Herbology teas are absolutely HERBALICIOUS!! Each bag contains 20 hand-filled teabags - perfect to incorporate in to your daily healthy lifestyle routines!

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